Which country's company is Micromax and who is its owner


Which country's company is Micromax and who is its owner If you people want to know about it, then you will definitely get complete information about Micromax in this article. Until a few days ago, the Micromax company's keypad mobile smartphone was very much in vogue. When keypad mobile phones like Samsung Nokia used to come which were very expensive. At that time, Micromax mobiles were available on loan at very cheap prices.

The mobile of Micromax company was visible in almost everyone's hand. Because the mobiles of this company were available at low prices and in good features. So who is the owner of this company, when was it established? What other products are made by Micromax company? Let us also know the complete information about this below.

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Which country's company is Micromax

Micromax is an Indian company. In which keypads are made of mobile phones and smartphones as well as many other electronics products. It is a smartphone consumer and electronics manufacturing company. Until recently, the Micromax company's smartphone was very popular among people. Everyone used to think about buying a good mobile at a low price, so only and only Micromax company's mobile was bought.

But since the Chinese company's mobile phone started coming into the market, which used to come with even better features at a lower price than before. Since then the mobile of Micromax company is not much liked among the people. A few days ago, this company was the number one Indian company in making mobile phones with good features. But at present, the mobile people of this company are not buying much. Because of which this company started running in huge losses.

When was Micromax company established?

Micromax company was started on 29 March 2000. Micromax Company was established in Gurugram City, Haryana. When this company was established, it was started as a software company. But in 2008, this company was created as a mobile company and its name was re-registered as Micromax Electronics.

The first keypad was launched in the market by making a mobile phone and it became very much liked among the people. Because this mobile was available at a lower price than the mobiles of other companies. Because of which people started buying by hand and this company started becoming very popular. After this, smartphone mobiles in this company were also made in very good features. People also liked it very much. All the parts of the mobiles that were made by the Micromax company were not available in India.

Because of this, mobiles were made by importing some parts from China. Micromax company is popular not only in India but also abroad. Even though at present, the mobile people of this company do not like much, but till a few days ago it was considered to be the number one company in making mobiles. It has 23 offices in India and also has offices of Micromax company in many places abroad such as Hong Kong, United States of America, Dubai, etc.

who is the owner of Micromax company

Micromax company is an Indian company. It is a telecommunications company, it manufactures many types of electronics, home-like smartphones, telecommunications, etc. And the office of this company is not only in many places in India but it is also very much spread in the country and abroad. The owner of this company is Rahul Sharma. Micromax company was founded by Rahul Sharma himself and his work with him was fully contributed by Vikas Jain Rajesh Agarwal Sumit Arora.

But when this company later started running in losses, after that all three of Rahul Sharma's friends were there. He left them and he started working in different companies. At present, Rahul Sharma alone handles this company. The headquarters of the Micromax company is located in the city of Gurugram in the state of Haryana, India. Rahul Sharma is the CEO of this company. Along with making mobiles, Micromax company also produces many other products and supplies these goods to other countries as well.

Which products are made in Micromax company

This company was started as an IT software company. But later keypad mobile phones were made at low prices, which people started liking very much, whatever mobile phone was launched in the market, it was sold in very large quantities. In view of this, this company also started making smartphones with many other features. People also liked him very much.

But ever since Chinese mobiles started coming in new and good features, since then people of Micromax company have almost stopped buying mobiles. Due to this company is running in huge losses. As of 2014, this company was the 10th largest company as a mobile maker. In this company, mobile phones, household items, and other electronics equipment are made in many other ways.

  • Smartphone
  • LED TV
  • home appliance
  • Air conditioner (AC)
  • Laptop
  • telecommunication
  • Soundbars
  • Refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • Tablet
  • web browser
  • Electronics watches
  • Power Bank
  • handphone
  • Speakers

This company being Indian, people used to trust and trust more than this. For this reason, when this company launched its mobile phone in the market, people had to buy a lot. But later in other foreign mobile companies, when people launched mobiles with new features and launched them in the market, people started buying more of them. To know who invented the mobile, you can visit the Gyanitechnews website.

Summary – Which country's company is Micromax

Micromax company made its mobile and launched it in the market at a time when any other keypad mobile phone was very expensive. Which the common people could not buy. But the mobiles of this company were available at very cheap prices and better, due to which people started buying more. The battery backup design of this mobile was also very good.

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