Blogger Vs WordPress Which Blogging Platform To Choose

Do you want to start blogging? Are you confused about which platform is better for blogging in Blogger Vs WordPress? So stay tuned in this post so that you can choose a better blogging platform for yourself.

WordPress and Blogger is one of the famous platforms for blogging. But there is a big difference between the services of WordPress and That is why let us know what is the difference between the two platforms and which platform is best for you.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Most of the users who want to start blogging have this question in their mind that which blogging platform to choose. We will talk about 2 popular blogging platforms which are WordPress and Blogger, and try to tell you about Blogger Vs.

That's why today we will compare Blogger Vs WordPress In Hindi

1. Price Comparison

Blogger is a product of Google like we all use YouTube and we do not have to pay anything for using it. Similarly, Blogger is also a free platform. If you create a blog in Blogger, then you do not have to pay any charges.

WordPress is just a Content Management System. WordPress is a software using which you can write any content on your blog, image, and video can be embedded. But to keep all the data you will upload on the blog, you have to buy web hosting.

2. Easiness And Simplicity Comparison

Blogger is a free platform, due to which you get many useful options. Which you can learn very quickly and easily.

WordPress is a professional blogging platform. Here we get a lot of options, which will take you some time to learn.

3. Themes Comparison

Themes are present in Blogger but it is difficult to customize them. Meaning that if you have to change the design, color, layout, and font of your blog, then it will be a little difficult for you.

There are many professional themes available in WordPress. Which you can easily customize. With a single click, you can easily change the size, design, color, etc. of your blog.

4. Plugins Comparison

There is no plugin support in Blogger. You cannot add any plugin to your blog. If you have to do any small work, then you will have to do coding for it.

If you want to add any feature or service to your blog, then you will find many plugins in WordPress. Meaning that if you want to do anything in your WordPress blog, then you do not need coding for that. You can do this easily with the help of small plugins and software.

5. SEO Friendliness Comparison

No matter which platform you choose, you have to do SEO on both platforms yourself. Blogger has become a little better in terms of SEO. But not enough to fulfill all your needs.

But WordPress has extra benefits. Because WordPress has SEO plugins. Like – Rankmath, Yoast SEO. Doing SEO becomes quite easy by using these plugins. That is why when it comes to SEO Friendliness, WordPress is much more SEO-friendly than Blogger.

6. Ownership Comparison

Blogger is a Google platform, this platform is given free to use. In Blogger you are not the owner of your blog. Ownership in Blogger is with Google and Google has the right to your blog. If you do any illegal activity on your blog which you should not do. So Google can delete your blog without informing you and without notice.

WordPress is your own platform, you have full ownership of it. You can customize it however you want and operate as you like.

7. Security Comparison

You get more security in Blogger because it is Google's platform. That's why Google itself protects it.

Because WordPress is your own platform, that's why you will have to see its security. For this you have to install good web hosting and security plugins and then you will be able to secure your blog.

8. Earning Comparison

Earning depends on your content, blogging surgeries, and not on any platform. You can earn good earning from any platform like Blogger or WordPress. But if you want to use your blog for a professional level of business then WordPress will be better for you.


Which platform should you use in both Blogger vs WordPress? If you want to create a hobby blog, you only want to write for your hobby. So you can definitely start with Blogger. This is a very good platform for you, it is quite easy to use.

But if you want to take blogging as a career, you want to earn from your blog. If you want to make a full-time profession then WordPress is the best option for you.

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